35. Por que Budistas usam tanto incenso?

18/09/2010 11:10

35. Why do Buddhists use a lot of incense?
Many kinds of incense are used in the temple during prayers and services. Much significance is attached to its use. Incense can be divided into the following two types:
(1) Burning incense This type of incense is widely used in stick or ground form. These incenses are made of flowers, plants, woods, leaves, nuts, seeds, etc. that create a wonderful scent. When you burn good incense in the room, it creates a peaceful atmosphere that calms your mind in peaceful abiding. For this reason, burning incense before practicing meditation is recommended. Also the smoke of burning incense chases insects out of the room, which helps to prevent insect bites. Many insects lived in the villages of India and Asia where the Teaching of Buddha was first taught. Because Buddhists should not kill insects, chasing them out of a room by burning incense was an excellent solution.
Burning incense may also signify an attempt to cleanse our own actions of body, speech and mind. Stick incense does not stop burning until it reaches its end. Similarly, the incense reminds us to continue to cleanse our actions. The fourth significance is the offering to Buddha of the virtue of the perfection of diligence. Incense is one of the six fundamental offerings to Buddha.
(2) Rubbing incense Perfume is widely used by ladies, and these days, wearing perfume is accepted as proper. Rubbing incense was used as perfume in the past, and it is considered the origin of today's perfume. It is common sense for one to give others a good feeling by wearing good rubbing incense that creates a lovely scent before entering the meditation hall or temple. The pleasing scent refreshes our spirit of discipline, but I am sometimes frozen by the strong perfume that some ladies wear. It reminds me of the proverb, "More than enough is too much."



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